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Adult gymnastics is a great way to have fun keeping fit whilst meeting new people and learning some new tricks. 

Our adult gym sessions are every Wednesday evening, and we have two different options:

GymFit 8-9pm*

Adult Squad*

Our 8-9pm GymFit session is a pay as you go drop in session based on using all of our equipment to improve overall fitness whilst learning some new gymnastics skills. This class costs £5 for the hour.

We are now also offering the opportunity for our adults to stay for an extra 30 mins (8-9:30pm) to focus on building gymnastics skills and routines, and hopefully compete in competitions. To take part in this extra session participants need to be signed up online and pay via direct debit (£28 per month). All Adult Squad gymnasts will also need British gymnastics insurance.

*Unfortunately due to the current restrictions we are unable to take any new adult gym members.

Each class will comprise of a group warm up and body conditioning/fitness exercises followed by a coached session on the apparatus and time at the end to work on any individual skills, ending with a cool down stretch. All sessions will be led by qualified coaches and each class will be tailored to meet the needs of the group. If you interested                    to sign up!