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Our Young Leaders Academy provides the opportunity for 13 - 16 year old's to gain valuable experience assisting and learning alongside our qualified coaches, and developing various life skills, some of which are listed below. Not only is this a great way for children to stay involved in gymnastics when they no longer want to train, but the volunteering and skills gained can be a great addition to college and university applications, or their C.V.

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All of our young leaders will work to achieve our three in house coaching awards. Once the leaders are 16 they will have the opportunity to complete British Gymnastics Level 1 Coach award. We will also give our young leaders the chance to learn how to judge and gain our club's judging awards at in house judging courses, and also experience judging at our in house competitions (following the completion of our courses). Again our leaders will be able to complete a British Gymnastics qualification in judging, once they turn 15.


It is important that during this programme our young leaders have the chance to lead a warm up with a whole class of children, under the supervision of a qualified coach. They will also be able to lead extra activities with small groups of children.


Our young leaders will have vital roles in helping to run and organise some competitions and fundraising events at the club. They will be given various responsibilities such as running stalls, selling tickets or helping on the competition floor.

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Many of our Young Leaders still take part in one of our GymFusion sessions. We do ask that where possible our Young Leaders volunteer during the sessions before their own class. 

Through participating in various displays, assisting with groups of gymnasts and helping to organise our events, our Young leaders are vital members of our club. If you would like to become a Young Leader please speak to Natalie or Kirsti.