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We will update this page with all resources we receive from British Gymnastics to help our GymTrix gymnasts train at home.

Stay home, stay safe!


Proficiency Badge 8

Proficiency Badge 6

Proficiency Badge 7 

Proficiency Badge 5

Proficiency Badge 4

Week 1 Beginners

Week 1 Intermidiates

Week 1 Seniors

Week 2 Beginners

Week 2 Intermidiates

Week 2 Seniors

Week 3 Beginners

Week 3 Intermidiates

Week 3 Seniors

Week 4 Beginners

Week 4 Intermidiates

Week 4 Seniors

Week 5 Beginners

Week 5 Intermidiates

Week 5 Seniors

Week 6 Beginners

Week 6 Intermidiates

Week 6 Seniors

Here are some fun puzzles created by our coaches!


Wordsearch #1

GymTrix Dice Challenge

Puzzles and Wordsearch #2

Below is the link to our YouTube page for conditioning videos and Badge demos